180 Websites in 180 Days

Posted by Tyler Maxwell on April 7, 2019

I am stealing this idea from Jennifer Dewalt. I don’t know her personally and I hope this doesn’t make her mad at me. So here is my riff on Jennifer’s idea. Today is the first official day of my job search. The boot camp I attended offers a money-back guarantee; if I don’t find a job in six months I get the thousands of dollars I paid in tuition back. There are strings attached as you can imagine, but I look at the ‘strings’ as strategies. To be perfectly candid, the lazy programmer in me truly hopes I don’t have to make 180 websites.

Making a website every day is not one of those strings, but I think it’s the perfect endeavor for me. I am not really a front-end guy. However, if I am presenting myself as a ‘full-stack’ web developer, I should probably be able to center an image on a page without having to Google it!

So I am starting by redoing my FreeCodeCamp projects. Please check out day one. Thanks for reading!