Tyler Maxwell

Full Stack Web Developer in the Los Angeles area.

Hello, world!

My name is Tyler Maxwell and I am currently working as a freelance full stack web developer.

Please view my portfolio below. Thank you in advance for your interest and I look forward to speaking with you.



'this' Sucks!!!

Not really… I thought ‘this’ would be easy. It seemed too easy. I finished my Rails project and I thought, “all I have to do is add a JavaScript front-end to this!”

Rails Project

This project scared the hell out of me. I use the past tense in the last sentence with a bit of trepidation. As I move into this stage of my web development learning journey, I am experiencing the imposture syndrome with an intensity I struggle to characterize in words.

Rails Rant

I have to start with a confession; I love Rails. It’s interesting how some of the most powerful ideas reduce to timeless and simple concepts.

Sinatra Wiki Project

My Sinatra Project is a wiki application based on a suggestion in this book. Andy Hunt is also the co-author of The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master, which has over 250 five-star reviews on Amazon.

The Doldrums

Every day when I sign in, I scroll down to the bottom of my page and check my “gauges.”