Start Here

Posted by Tyler Maxwell on January 16, 2019

Learning to code not only changed my life, it may have saved it.

I want to start by being completely candid; my target audience for this blog are/is as follows:

  1. potential employers
  2. people learning to code
  3. my future self

In these introductory posts, I will elaborate on my purpose for writing yet another coding blog, provide a list of resources for learning to code, and finally give some details about my background. The final post will be brief and at the end for those who, understandably, don’t give a shit.

So, why another coding blog? A more detailed statement can be found on my website. My short answer is that I care deeply about all three of my readers listed above. By serving readers 1 and 2, I hope to enhance and improve reader number 3 and make him a better coder and a better person.

In all honesty, reader number 2 is the one I care about most. Serving her is the only way I can serve and truly improve readers 1 and 3. The first resource I want to mention is the Learn Enough site developed by, in my view, a pillar of the Ruby community, Michael Hartl. The main title on the Learn Enough website says, “Tech is the new literacy”. I believe that this is true. I love the following quote from Max Koretskyi’s twitter page:

Work hard to get what you want. When you get it, pull someone else up. Each one, teach one. Don’t just aspire to make a living. Aspire to make a difference.

So, reader number 3, try to remember the feeling and sense of purpose you had as you wrote those lines. Readers 1 and 2, please read on. Thank you.